Review No 1в2г637в31а

I received the individual matrix on July 23. I listen twice a day, recently in parts - part in the morning and part in the evening, two times each. I defined these parts with a pendulum.. The point is, that our organs have a temporal cyclicity, even medications work better at the right time. And I listen to my file on children's photos at any opportunity..
I am 73 years old, but health problems, except age, No. Were, of course, I basically coped with them - a healthy lifestyle (and thoughts). So my review doesn't hit the nail on the head too hard.. But, anyway, the results are there, and quite wonderful.
Power engineering, certainly, Increased. If earlier in the middle of the day I tended to sleep, then now it's not there.
I have a displaced 5th lumbar vertebra, periodically it made itself felt. As well as other joints. I did not bring the matter to a strong aggravation., took action – exercises, ginger toggle. And now, absolutely nothing.! All joints are like new.
All wounds, Bruises, sprains heal much faster. In 3-4 days. Previously, it would have taken at least a month.. The Truth, since then, how did I get the cream, I use CFC-3 for this purpose, with shilajit. Although I noticed a quick healing before the cream. I ride a racing bike, there are pedals with spikes, sometimes I scratch my foot about them. And the last time I scratched hard against the wheel for the chain. Healed before my eyes.
Under the dental implant, the gums have been sore for two years. Eating on the other side was impossible.. Passed! Using KIK-3 cream.
Shared the cream with my friend, who had knee surgery. The seam healed very quickly. And she's 77., everything healed oh how long.
I'm sure, that this is just the beginning. So the sequel follows.
Thanks to Peter Petrovich Garyaev for his developments, for the new medicine – his name will still be known to millions, hopefully I'll live to see it. Thanks to Ekaterina Alexandrovna Garyaeva, to the entire Wave Genetics team for continuing his work.

26 September 2022