Review No 1в13а3б1а

I would like to share my experience. I visited your center in Moscow and was treated in the Pyramid. I was using the standard program + I asked for a program for the intestines. I couldn't eat bread – my stomach was always starting to hurt (gluten intolerance) + and 3, after 5 days I was recovering.
Immediately after the session, I flew to Cheboksary to visit relatives. But I couldn't give up the baked goods of my grandmothers and aunts. THEY MADE ME TRY THEIR PASTRIES.! It wasn't until day 5 that I realized, that my stomach doesn't hurt and I feel comfortable! I can't tell you, how the last 2 months my soul has enjoyed the cakes, bread rolls, cakes and bread. My weight is starting to gain and sometimes I still feel discomfort in my intestinal tract (but it's not comparable to the pain, that I had before that), so I already use less bread and bake goods. But I want to confirm, that from one session I had a result, which invigorated my life.

25 August 2022