Review No. 13341763

Good afternoon! I have been using your matrix for exactly 3 months, some information has accumulated, which can be shared. Yes, matrix works, and not bad. The first weakly noticeable changes in health status appeared exactly one month later. By the end of 2 months they have become quite definite. It became clear, that it works and well enough. It became clear, what if you use it for 1 hour a day and it will manifest itself, it is worth increasing the number of hours. Use the matrix as it is, what was received, it was difficult. I took the matrix as a blank, and decided to remake it according to my understanding. What is given? Personal hologram for 3 minutes and 25 third parties with additional information from plant sources. Reflecting, has concluded, that my personal hologram is stronger and more important to me anyway, than any number of third-party additional. I remember a message about, old lady, which has been used for a year, got my period recovery, but the skin condition has not improved (thanks for the truthful information). On reflection, I made my conclusions. If your periods have recovered, then it means, that her personal hologram, plus third-party plant-based programs are effective enough. Then the second question – why the skin hasn't improved, for what reason, what's wrong, what is not taken into account, what could be changed for a good result? That matrix, what i got to use, was rather inconvenient to use, almost as much Russian, – high-level framework, and custom functions are clumsy. I think, that the ideal could be German Bosch, where everything is at a high level, and foundation, and use. A familiar computer repair technician agreed to make 2 separate programs at my suggestion, and as a result, I had 2 Boscha in my hands. I had to pay for this 2,5 thous., but the product is of the highest quality! The first program consisted of third-party holograms with additional information, where between each program was inserted 2 of my personal. The result is a common complex, where 25 programs are interspersed with 50 of my own. It turned out a four-hour complex, looped in wav player. If the old woman used the program, where her personal hologram was only 4%, then my program has more than 60%. I think, that I got a unique thing, where a personal hologram and all additional!
The second program was only my own, where the 3 minute hologram was repeated for 3 hours and looped back in the WAV player. It turned out 2 Bosch with my many hours of personal hologram. By combining both programs, think, you can get the maximum effect.
The master also leveled the volume for all programs and now both programs have become suitable for listening at night in an unlimited amount of time. Night use I have is 9 hours. I install a personal hologram at night., and in the afternoon using the combined. Total, on average it runs about 15 hours. After the first week of use, there were obvious changes in sensations!
I don't have a question about the maximum amount of time to listen to holograms. Think, that being in the atmosphere of your personal hologram cannot but spoil anything in principle, even if it will be within 24 hours. And additional holograms can be used at your discretion, but less time. Perhaps, there are holograms of adaptogens, activators, immunity enhancers. Therefore, it is more logical to put on the active time of the day.
On the internal organs, changes have gone quite positive. Internally, aging has clearly slowed down, (I'm 74g), the condition of the joints and spine has clearly improved, the total amount of energy increases, there are signs of rejuvenation of internal organs, what, IN PRINCIPLE, shouldn't be. Analytical figures and instrument readings, Perhaps, will appear later. I watch the changes every day. For all the time, only two days were without holograms.
I also use purification technology in my general health improvement, alkalisation, in our medicine this is not at all. And what else isn't there at all, so is it parasite control. In 1991, WHO announced, that 75-80% of all parasitic diseases AND CANCER have a parasitic cause, but still nothing is done on this topic in all countries of the world. There are external forces, which hinder the introduction of antiparasitic programs in medicine. Currently I work as a parasitologist and successfully relieve my patients of internal diseases, using technologies of cleansing and getting rid of parasites with the help of natural remedies, i.e.. Dietary supplements.
In my understanding of the disease, which are called hereditary, congenital, based on DNA breakage, unrecognized diseases, incurable, – I consider it purely parasitic. In my 20 years of experience, ALL SICK people are infected with parasites. It is worth prescribing antiparasitic agents and the improvement occurs ALWAYS. It all depends on, how efficient the patient is and does not stop treatment ahead of time. Everybody gets well! There have been no complaints about the quality of treatment for decades, even cancer patients. In terms of cleansing – sick people in more than 90% do not know, that they should consume 30 grams of water per kilogram of body weight.

Altai, Barnaul
12 August 2020