Treatment of HIV and cancer

Lingvistiko-probabilistic-wave version of HIV and cancer
There are a number of hypotheses, each of which, in the best case, only part of the truth. Hence, the theoretical and biological constraints in terms of HIV and cancer, and hence, and their treatment.
Both pathogenic began occupying the main thing in any biological system is its genetic apparatus, that is, the amount of "knowledge" of the body about myself. And here is the paradox, like the chromosomes and DNA know enough. Oncogenes are found, the HIV genome has been studied and how these information structures are operational in chromosomes it is clear. Of the genetic code and proteins, also seems to be known in detail. But this is insufficient to develop the absolute methods to fight cancer and HIV. The worst lies is a half-truth. It is hard to believe, especially, If this is a half-truth "knowledge" about the genetic coding. Here all is impregnable bastion for critics and all dogmatizirovano. Even the basic concept, the strategic scheme of genetic coding (Dna-Rna-Protein > >) and referred to as "the central dogma. The attack on this dogma until recently had seemed a senseless, doomed to failure. And as it turned out, in vain. From what we understand correctly the genetic encoding depends on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the strategy study of HIV and cancer, and not only these pathologies. The first dent in the dogma of the punched opening revertazy, and dogma is automatically turned only version, which is now considerably more modest: DNA RNA Protein. But this modification of our perceptions of the biosynthesis of proteins is exposed to erosion, Since it is only an approximation to the truth, to understand the language and figurative pluralism of the genome as a means of encoding of spatio-temporal structure of Biosystems [1, 2, 3].
The new formulation of the problem
In this study, we develop your ideas, the purpose of the final destruction of the so-called "canonical" tripletnoj model of the genetic code, but in the development and establishment of its exact place in the system of knowledge of the principles of the chromosomes. Yes, You can say, the triplet code-the truth. But it is the truth of this kind, as if claimed, the alphabet you can write any word. This is true. But if we try to go further, only with this knowledge, and prove, the alphabet you can construct correct sentences, This is wrong. Because, to build human speech require laws of thought, grammar and logic. A genome is rečepodoben logical, While these fundamental features are not the only way to put it figuratively-semantic designs. Moreover, We tend to accept the ideas of V.v. Nalimov's [4], that lead us to the idea of, that gene has the ability to kvazisoznaniû. Our logic model is an attempt to get a higher level of knowledge about the laws of building genetic texts and other iconic structures of the genome, knowledge, that are in the early stages of development. Foundations were laid in the 20 years the Russians investigators A.g. Gurvičem [5], V.n. Beklemiševym [6] and A.a. Lûbiŝevym [7].
What can you offer in addition accepted the theory of genetic coding, and how can it help solve, as a special case, HIV and cancer? Conditionally, until evidence, take three positions, having defined theoretic-experimental evidence [1, 2, 8, 9].

  1. The DNA molecule in chromosomes have a real wave duality, one family of elementary particles. In accordance with that DNA encodes the body in two ways — by using the substance DNA, and through its iconic wave functions, including the level of laser radiation [10].
  2. Genetic apparatus has the ability to be cross-at the molecular level (holographic memory chromosome continuum) and non-local quantum in accordance with the Einstein effect, Podolski, Rosen [11]. The latter means, that genetic and other regulatory wave zapisyvetsâ genome information at the level of the polarizations of photons and cross-premises (everywhere and for zero time) is passed to the (unfolds) throughout the space by means of the option the biosystem polarizations. This provides bezinercionnyj information contact between billions of body cells.
  3. The genome as a whole and individual cell nucleus have quasi-consciousness at different levels; and the genome, and individual cell nuclei are able to generate and recognize text-type regulatory structure with a background principle, holography and quantum nonlocality.