Job quantum bio-computer

To understand how the work of the us information and holographic laser , converter, in fact the quantum biokomp′ûtera [26], the most useful are the classic dynamic holography u. n.. Denisûka [17]. He developed the basis of holographic display material structures, including dynamic, moving in spacetime (for example, Doppler holography). This is especially important for our theories and their specific devices, Since organisms are the, from the point of view of holography, non-stationary environment. Using the principles of Denisûka, as the theoretical base, We were able to experimentally prove its applicability to the functioning of the Biosystems. This gave impetus to the further development of management theories in biological and physical objects through the use of space-loc. modulation holographic information, carried out in different ways in the biological and physical objects [2-13, 21]. The essence of this phenomenon is based on the hypothesis of the unity wave and material processes, taking place in all closed and open loop systems [18]. Broadcast modulation information from a donor to a recipient who is a straight line extending mutually penetrating waves, supporting multilevel modulâcionnuû information. One of the theoretical justification of the method of holographic biofeedback can serve as a physical-mathematical model, We used to design ways of forming an incoherent biological-dynamic polarization hologram using optical properties of cell nuclei (chromosomes) as ball lenses (quasi lenses), polarization-optical components in the form of liquid crystal-holesterikov DNA. Consider the formalized description of the process, proposed for registration hologram color without the use of lasers [22]. Note the, the chromosomes cannot be literally considered as lasers. With lasers they have only, that they are the sources of coherent radiation. Adapting the formalism [22] the biological system, We describe the leaking intracellular processes. Following that, we present a mathematical substantiation of efficiency of incoherent polarization-amplitude-phase quasi holographic lens and, in this way,, We will explain the nature of the wave control in organisms, in the far zone ". Biosystem in a sense is a complex associates of optically active substances, polarizers, Rotary polarization optical radiation passing through them, and it's good to know [19,27]. However, the principles of control biogolografičeskogo using polarized light were previously considered only us. Holographic transfer function can be defined, based on Fourier-transform expressions (5). The hologram contains a full three-dimensional spatial characteristics of golografiruemogo information on the object or on the spatial distribution of surface points contributor on a plane registration of hologram recipient. In this way, compare our task is similar to the traditional. However, you can see, the above method is fundamentally different from the known interference methods and gives undeniable advantages. Firstly, along with monohromatičnost′û and kogerentnost′û laser light cell nuclei, as in the situation of endogenous biovolnovyh processes, and when artificial broadcast signal, using dispersive rotational ability of optically active environment and spatial locally-distributed polarization filtering through quasi lens for far zone ". This is quite enough, to the dynamism of the donor as a non-stationary environment, the recipient will see the wave biosignal-donor's image without distortion. A fundamental property of cellular structures Biosystems be optically active, i.e. polarize light, probably, allows organisms to use not even coherent light to vibration resistant and reconstruction of holograms even without laser sources of light. This is happening, When Biosystems, for example, plants, use biomorfogenza to natural sun light across the spectrum from UV- to IR range.