Nonlocal brain function

Had previously been predolžena hypothesis: "If ESR-factor (ESR is a phenomenon of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) works in biological systems, It is logical to ask, Why organisms are not restricted to such an effective form of instant handling bio-information they speed? What if your needs and slow-moving nerve impulses? You can only make an assumption, that the nervous system require higher organisms, to brake too fast information processes, the evolution of the biosphere had not yet reached. Most likely,nervous system function and quantum nonlocality genome is complementary and coexist, sometimes giving surges as paranormal abilities-computers, or telepathy. "
[Garyaev P., 2009, Lingvistiko-wave gene. Theory and practice. Моногр. Kiev.] This idea needs a rationale. It Seems, that , nerve impulse (Spike, action potential) too simple by nature is no more, the wave of depolarization. However,, is considered, the wave of depolarization should somehow encode the inner and outer world of man, Yes any Biosystems. Believe, that this function is the frequency of spikes, but there is no evidence of precise. However,, There is a vast academic literature, a cursory analysis of one of the objectives of this work. Right away you can tell, There is no answer to the main question-how did the complexity of internal and external peace Biosystems is relatively simple neuronal action potentials. This work has another goal — to find some convergence with our ideas. In a more extended form, compared with the above points, they are as follows.
1. All the cells of the Biosystems (prokaryotic and eukaryotic), including neurons and their genomes, There are times when are in TN. confused state (entangle state), in the State of quantum nonlocality. The Biosystems uses the phenomenon of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen for own self-organization. In the genetic aspect of this is considered in our works (biokomp′ûtornye function of DNA) and in the monograph [Garyaev, 2009, Lingvistiko-wave gene. Theory and practice. Kiev]. This means, that all neurons in the brain (like all cells of the body) instantly "know" each other's status as receiving signals from the environment and from the body. But this knowledge is huge, Therefore it is quantized neurons, including. spikes, and used as needed.
2. For such a State requires the coherence of all confusing ways of metabolic and physiological systems of organism, that may be lost due to the relatively high temperature of Biosystems. Protect against Decoherence is proposed may occur through the use of fractal dimensions of biological organisms of the time. This enables temporary (with some frequency) local departures organisms or their structures (for example, chromosomes with their coherent radiation from 250 to 800nm) from warm or hot time in the cold time zones». This will ensure that the required temperature. So do, as we see it, for example, bacteria-thermophiles, some of which are live and thrive in temperatures up to 400 g. Celsius. It is not compatible with life, because key information structure of organisms, DNA, RNA and Proteins, are destroyed in such temperatures. But, However,, thermophiles are surviving due to fractal dimensional Combinatorics of biological time.
3. Memory, as one of the main functions of neurons, pluralist and is implemented by at least four levels of the Organization — the cellular tissue (holography of a neural network), the chromosomal (DNA- holography), at the level of Nonlinear Dynamics (acoustics of DNA, Ribosomes and extracellular matriksov) the phenomenon of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) and the quantum-level phantom. Cellular-tissue and chromosomal levels is a distributed (associative) nonlocal memory. FPU and quantum-phantom-special, but local memory.
4. The function of neurons in the brain are not in the transfer and exchange of sensory information. After entering the body information (vision, hearing, sense of smell, sense of touch, taste), be distributed instantaneously throughout the entirety of neural continuum by quantum confusion, nonlocality and golografičnosti. In addition, There is already stored in a number of generations, ready-to-use, Info. The function of neurons in the brain are measured in the space-time distribution of the brain instantly generated quantum nonlocal information about both the outer and inner worlds.
5. The thinking is based on the, instantly available from the outside-inside information, including the, that stored in the archives of memory (holographic, Phantom) in a number of generations of organisms. How to really is thinking and its display in the mind is a matter for future research. But this process and its results can also occur sometimes instantly, but slowing, focusing on specific short-term needs of Biosystems, and redistributed them to the space-time through nerve impulses.