Вред УЗИ

Вред УЗИ – truth or fiction?
Once upon a time we studied the sounds, published by DNA molecules, tells the doctor of biological sciences, Academician Gariaev Petr Petrovich.

Genetic “music” complex and diverse, and what's most amazing, It clearly traced certain rhythms, recurring at regular intervals, with the precision of a metronome. Converted computer graphic picture, they are a fascinating spectacle! You can follow this clock, for months, over the years, "Orchestra" will perform all of the same variation on a familiar theme, rhythm, the specified DNA, is the basis of all biological relationships, with something like “skeleton” life, (a) a breach of that many diseases, such destruction is ultrasound, Therefore, harm of ULTRASOUND obvious and wave genetics This proves.

What will happen if the DNA with ultrasound? Prepared sample, put it in the ice, then within 10 seconds “processed” dose, some relevant ULTRASOUND. And then ... The first 5 minutes of the genetic “Online” Sonic chaos reigned, After that, all sounds have merged into a single sad note, that lasted until the end of the working day. And you tell me, that harm of ULTRASOUND – This invention?

Then after processing ULTRASOUND, froze the drug for a week. After thawing of DNA has continued to publish the monotonous sound on the same note. So went another week. DNA, as in a nightmare, no-continue “complained” on a dreary note, contrary to the laws of physics and chemistry.
“And the especial?” you ask. And that's what. If ultrasound is able to create this with a preparation in the laboratory, What happens when research with new life? These “noises” encumbrance in slender genetic “Choir”, violation of intrauterine development, so before you go on ULTRASOUND think about what harm of ULTRASOUND can cause, Maybe you can do without one if you insist!