The wave genetics

Our genetic apparatus – This wave hologram, a software "marking vector", to enable you to create such a body, how it should be. Genetic apparatus has the ability to think.
The most important thing about human design – This word. "Spiritual body" – This is something, without which man would be a simple bag of meat and bones. It Turned Out, the sequence of nucleotides in DNA is the speech-like. We all come from the genetic apparatus (of a kind). Genetic apparatus builds DNA legal phrases. Among the scholars gradually formed understanding of our genetic apparatus as good. And this leads them to the idea of God. No wonder our ancestors knew it under the name Rod (that is, Gene). When it, In Kind, Nature. It is Thought. Reasonable. Everything has a memory.
Genetic apparatus works on two levels: real and wave. Float level – is 1% of the genes, responsible for the synthesis of proteins. Wave level – is 99% of the genes, working on the principles of holography. He is a figurative speech structure, using principles of quantum non-locality and so called teleportation to genetic information. The term quantum mechanics “Quantum nonlocality” and “confusion” the audience is unfamiliar.
And here is a thought on the relevance of understanding the genome wave.
The knowledge of the future. It has not yet claimed because of his lack of understanding.
One way or another, and to the need to study the wave genetics will not only biology and quantum physics, but other science.