The death of Empires

Strange thing: “The death of Empires” at the Rentv.
That led to the deaths of ancient civilizations?
Climatic changes, natural catastrophe, resource depletion and imbalance of the population? All, destroying other civilizations, is a real threat and for us ...
For The First Time, Russian television screen, in the open, was kramol′naâ, (from the point of view of current Russian authorities), the idea that, that the different races of mankind are different, from each other, not only the appearance of the, such as skin colour and hair structure, and the differences between people of different races, much more deep and meaningful. In connection with this, in the transfer, among other, question: and so does, too, harmless inter-racial marriage? And how much they need indigenous European population, in the first place, and, all mankind, in General. Once again raises the issue of the bold experiments of scholars in the field of genetic engineering and given their score in the light of the question of the survival of the human race. And a number of important and interesting issues.
In General, the proposed transfer has, What to see and what to think.