New Era Conference

New Era Conference

The first Sino-Chinese – Russian Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine “A New Era”

The combination of Russian and Chinese technologies of human health improvement opens a new era in the development of medicine of the future.

On June 11-12, 2023, the first Russian-Chinese International Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine "New Era" was held in Moscow. The main objectives of this event were to strengthen Russian-Chinese friendship and develop a trend in improving people's health. The forum was organized by the Association of Specialists in Traditional Oriental Medicine with the support of: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Russian Federation, World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Committee for Support of Programs of the President of the Russian Federation in the Field of Culture, Science, medicine, education and industry in Russia, Russian and Chinese media, as well as other scientific organizations in the field of complementary medicine and health practices.

Among the participants of the forum were medical experts and scientists, statesmen and politicians, doctors and candidates of medical sciences in the field of traditional and alternative systems of human health:

- Urazov Viktor Vasilievich - Director of the Institute of Oriental Medicine of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia.

-Liu Qingguo – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Director of the St. Petersburg Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

- Liu Baoyan - Chairman of the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society.

-Egorov Vladimir Vladimirovich – President of the National Professional Association of Specialists in Traditional Medicine and Health Practices.

-Brizetsky Stanislav Nikolaevich – President of the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Federation.

Director of the Center for Rehabilitation Therapy for Soldiers-Internationalists. M.Likhodeya.

- Huang Guozhong - President of the Association of Specialists in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Founder of the International School of Oriental Medicine. President of the Beijing Han Lintang Institute of Chinese Medicine.

The program of the forum was full of unique lectures and master classes on restoring health, A variety of seminars and trainings with oriental flavor did not leave anyone indifferent and made an unforgettable impression on all participants of this grandiose event. As part of this event, medical specialists, as well as entrepreneurs from Russia, China and other countries shared their theoretical developments and clinical experience, the results of scientific research and new inventions.

The attention of visitors was also attracted by the Sino-Russian exhibition of trade and pharmaceutical services. Among the numerous participants, an advertising stand of the Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics of Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev was presented, Where you could get acquainted with unique products, increasing the vital potential of the body and restoring health at the molecular and cellular level, with the help of innovative DNA technologies. According to the already established tradition, Everyone was able to test the effect of biologically active drugs on themselves and, of course, purchase products at competitive prices, as well as ask questions to specialists and find out all the detailed information about goods and services, provided at the Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics of Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev. For the staff of the Institute, the forum was an excellent opportunity to expand contacts and establish partnerships with the Chinese scientific and medical community, exchange experience and deepen knowledge in the field of oriental systems of healing the body.

The traditional Chinese system of healing and the methods of Linguistic-Wave Genetics expand the field of complementary (Complementary) medicine, They have long been successfully used in the world practice of restoring health. Health and medical tourism is gaining more and more popularity in cooperation between Russia and China, and the healing methods used have become an integral part of Russian-Chinese tours and strengthen the development of economic and cultural relations between China, Russia and CIS countries.



The first Russian-Chinese International Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine "New Era" has become a herald of radical transformations and changes in the field of modern healthcare, bringing us closer to a new era, where the future health of a person is based on knowledge about the structure of the energy system and its inextricable connection with the physical body. Knowledge of, How energy circulates in our body, about meridians form the basis of technologies for restoring the body and treating the most serious ailments, which allows you to make a breakthrough in a completely new field of medicine, mechanism-oriented, provided by human nature, opening boundless horizons of physical and spiritual development.

Oriental medicine is considered one of the most mysterious and oldest in the world, And the history of its origin and development began in ancient times BC. At the heart of oriental medicine is the principle of circulation of vital energy and the harmonious relationship between its female and male forms (Yin and Yang). In the body of a healthy person, vital energy is in constant motion. Circulating easily and freely, It supports the vital processes of the whole organism. If the movement slows down, energy blocks are formed, interfering with the free flow of energy, What is a prerequisite for the emergence and development of various kinds of diseases.

In the human body, it is impossible to separate physical and mental health, They're related, The balance of energy flows is very important, After all, any disease from the point of view of oriental medicine arises as a result of an imbalance of energies. In accordance with these beliefs, practices are applied, that balance a person's energy balance. Along with pharmaceuticals, various types of massage are used (vacuum, acupuncture, etc.), Gypsy, Phyto- and moxotherapy, and much more. In addition to the above, There is an active work with the psyche - meditation, improvement of consciousness and development of mental abilities.

Western medicine in this regard is more restrained and rational. It works exclusively with pathological manifestations. In it, each disease is considered only as a result of exposure to viruses on the body, bacteria, mechanical damage, etc., and do not work with the cause of the disease, And with the consequence. Quantum-information technologies and methods of linguistic-wave genetics are closely intertwined with oriental knowledge about the information and energy structure of man, where the information-wave nature of the organism is of fundamental importance, which determines the level of its frequencies and vibrations, directly related to the state of his health.

That is why today an increasing number of specialists from classical and alternative health systems combine their knowledge and efforts, directing them for the benefit of the health of all mankind, without denying the existence of any directions, and considering them as part of a holistic worldview.
"We believe, that the First Sino-Russian Conference on Chinese Traditional Medicine "New Era" will become an effective regular international platform for the exchange of experience and the development of cooperation between Russia and China in the field of health care and health tourism", – says Huang Guoong, President of the Association of Traditional Oriental Medicine.