Vadim review

Dear Petr Petrovich!
It has been 10 weeks since the day (15.09.2013) as I began to regularly listen to matrix, made by you with my newborn photo (6 months). Now is the time to bring the first results.
How do you know, my main problem-eyes (Macular degeneration is diagnosed in the right eye in 2007; and since 2011 has been gradually increased, and a dark spot in the center of the field of vision of the left eye).
In September 2013 could not read, write with the left eye without a magnifying glass. But his right eye was almost not worked: distinguish between a large items peripheral vision. Ophthalmologists (in Russia and Cyprus) said, that process was irreversible vision loss: It can be a little slow, but the disease does not respond to treatment.
In the first 4 weeks of listening to the matrix is ​​no change in the body, I did not notice. But from the fifth week, there have been signs of improvement in both eyes. Especially fast process went a week after the eighth week:
1) Steel level off any visible eye vertical and horizontal lines. The wave-like and even intermittent (in general there was fragmentation and distortion of the visually perceived images, It was impossible to identify letters in the text), now I see almost smooth lines.
2) Reduced dimensions and density of dark spots in the center of the Visual field, not only of the left, but the right eye (almost blind since 2007). "Shine through" strongly illuminated subjects, Therefore, increased light sensitivity Visual cells.
3) Significantly corrected colour vision. Both eyes are almost never seen red at traffic lights, and now see. In addition, the right eye does not distinguish between yellow-it seemed like white, and the leaves on the trees seemed strongly blue-green. Now the right eye sees yellow color well (Although not so bright, as the left).
4) Increased Visual acuity, that is especially important for me. The left eye is free to read the newspaper (and even smaller) the text of the. Right eye (that was almost blind and not distinguished between plate even) I can already read the newspaper headlines. Against the background of the powerlessness of the official medicine this result seems sensational. Thank you so much!!!

24 November 2013