Reviewed by Vadim Maslov

Dear Petr Petrovich, I apologize for the long silence: February 20 flew from Moscow polubolnym and was sick for more than 4 weeks (something catarrhal, ARD or flu, I do not know). Feared pneumonia, but there were no complications. Because the disease was not able to regularly play cube-factor. Total, imputing the date of receipt by you, and until March 30,, listened to two weeks, not more than once a day. The usual dose of: 3-4 repeat quasi-noise plus 2 repeats harmonious. Notable subjective feelings (something the choroid in the nose and in the head) It was only in the very first 2-3 days. To date there and observed changes in the body: March 25 saw slight darkening of gray hair on my crown, and then on the back of your head. 5 days increased to effect an explicit: darkening hair noticed and wife. It Turns Out, among the many graying black hair. Although they are very thin (much fainter white), but are growing rapidly and have already reached 5-6 cm.
Best wishes, Vadim Maslov, Cyprus.

05 April 2011