Review Center quantum diagnostics and therapy. Zagreb, Croatia.

Analysis of the clinical status of patients when using indicators as part of a comprehensive treatment method of wave genetics (the use of genetic matrix Garâeva).
Treatment results are supported by clinical studies assessing laboratory performance of blood, phlegm, urine, Cancer markers, Ultrasound data (ULTRASOUND) in terms of clinical centers. Observations recorded by the Centre at the time of the start of treatment, 15, 30, 60 days and 90 days.

D.F. - woman in '54,Croatia.
Diagnosis: Breast cancer stage 3.
Underwent surgery to remove the tumor resection 11 lymph nodes with subsequent application himioterapii.Cherez months manifested retsediv: seal 4 cm below the removed tumor. Tumor is hormone-dependent. Matrix has adopted just after 3 courses of chemotherapy, refusing further medical treatment in connection with the deterioration of the heart. Chemotherapy is no longer held due to concomitant cardiovascular pathology.
After using the matrices for 1 month is stabilized with
reduction of tumor.
After 2 months of use matrices achieved partial regression of the tumor in the breast with a decrease of 50%.
After 3 months: clinical tests show, that total
regression of tumors in the mammary gland and lymph nodes.
From surgical and chemotherapy treatment refused to. Now the patient feels fine. The cardiologist just gave up the use of drug treatment in relation to the full restoration of the heart.

R. Z- a man in '62, Italy.
Initially, he was diagnosed with squamous cell lung cancer with bone metastases, but the additional analyses have established, the light there is nothing, and metastases in bone. Not found the hearth disease. After 2 years of courses of chemotherapy to deal with surgical treatment, found in l/MTS in the right nadklûčičnoj area. In view of the progression of the tumor, from the surgical treatment. Patient recommended that chemotherapy. The patient refused chemotherapy. Genetic analysis of diagnosis of pancreas cancer.
After 1 month of use of the Matrix was found positive effect: pathological l/nodes in the above-identified areas of the subclavian, the patient was transferred to the operabel′nuû stage. Treatment and use of the matrix continues.

Z.M.- Girl 8 years, Croatia.
Diagnosis: Autism and cerebral palsy from birth.
Before applying the Matrices were used:
Lecture-Hall integration
Cranio-sacral therapy
Dolphin Therapy
Sensory integration
Visual therapy
Music therapy
Therapy through art
Therapy with animals
Labour therapy-Occupation Therapy
Without-kazeinovaja and without-gluten diet – BKBG
Vitamin B6
Ginkgo Biloba
The results were visible effect. the child has speech difficulties, face recognition problems, difficulty in communication and social interaction. Matrix used within 4 months. A girl after 2 months of using the matrix began to change : increased sensitivity to sounds, touch, taste, smells light and color. Beginning to respond to the conversation parents, and after 3 months said their first words and the correct beginning to respond to simple questions parents and professionals. Clinical analyses revealed, that the level of the three branched chain amino acids valine-, Leucine and isoleucine, necessary for the synthesis of biologically important proteins and other components of the normalized. To use the matrix was very low. Correction of health continues.

I.B.-man, 85 years,Croatia.
Diagnosis: 10 years ago: stenosis of the right artery- 75%, stenosis of the left anterior descending artery - 98%, diffuse lesion of the circumflex artery - 90%, first diagonal artery stenosis -95%.
Conclusion — coronary lesion of three-vascular. Had an angioplasty with stent anterior descending artery.
In 2013. a bladder cancer in situ, conducted transurethral removal of urinary bladder + chemotherapy with anticancer drugs in small doses. After the operation began on the inflammatory process caused by bacteria Mikoplazma (H). and e. Coli. Cancer process has not stopped. The patient was very weak, almost did not move. Radiotherapy “planted” the liver and the kidney. The patient was sent to further treatment at home. The cardiologist suggested a new operation for installation stènta.
As a result of the treatment through matrix Garâeva stoped dizuriceskie phenomenon, stopped hematuria. Ultrasonography revealed decrease in bladder tumors at 35 – 40% already after 4 weeks of using the genetic Matrix. After 2 months, the patient began to move independently, pain gone, Mikoplazma (H). not detected. Cardiologist offers replacement drug therapy for improving the work of the heart. The treatment continues. Today, the blood test results confirm the complete regression of cancer. The patient continues to use the Matrix to treat infestations of e. Coli. The patient's condition is satisfactory.

E. M. girl, 24 g. ,Croatia.
Diagnosis: bipolar affective disorder (BAR). Previous name (manic depressive psychosis) with the change of phases of depression, Mania and the "bright" gaps between them. the patient had used medication antidepressants, including atypical: typical antipsychotics and protivotrevožnye drugs; Manic symptoms manifested themselves in an excessive happiness, even in inappropriate situations or in depression. And longing, sadness, anxiety and irritability; difficulty sleeping, repeated Awakenings during the night or too early awakening; loss of interest in school, eating, sexual life; feelings of guilt and worthlessness, hopelessness for the future; difficulty concentrating and constant fatigue; thoughts of suicide and death.
Matrix uses for 3 months.
The Result: increased desire of the patient to a more serene, the balanced State of the, i.e.. not targeted continual traffic decreased, due to anxiety, internal concern. Mania was a suicide. Girl completely out of depression, start to continually visit school, a new circle of friends. Became less irritable, sleep diet. Chronic fatigue was. The doctor lifted the antipsychotics . She continues to listen to the Matrix 3 times a day.

Center for quantum diagnosis and therapy
28 March 2014