Reviewed by Olga Ivanchenko

Dear Petr Petrovich! You made the matrix of the photo really works!!! I 2,5 months every day 4 times (In the morning, day to 2 times, and in the evening) watched the video and listened to the MP3 recording, made from my photos 2-year old child. She felt better after the first month. The most interesting fact, that has hurt his foot after fracture, that was a year ago. Was swelling and was normally bend a limb, that was, in principle, not possible after removal of plaster, the leg became as to fracture. Also returned to normal pressure. As for fibroids,it was observed by physicians since 1998. Ultrasound last did in November 2011. A copy of the US and a copy of the survey after 2,5 months of treatment we sent Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev to confirm the success of the treatment. And I want to add the, the idea of treating this way belongs to my husband. I did not believe in the, It would help me. IT SEEMED SO UNREAL. So here is the, THE MATRIX WORKS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IN IT OR NOT. The facts are a stubborn thing. I would like to say to Peter Petrovich thanks, for its remarkable development in this important endeavour, How to cure people without surgery. And people,that my words have questioned, email me at e-mail, I will answer each.
Best regards, Ivanchenko Olga, 35 years Tula.

03 May 2012