Natalia review

Hello Hope.
I'm Natalia, mother of child with cerebral : Cystic Fibrosis from a city on the Volga River . You are asked to describe to you our history. About our diagnosis know only the closest people. I would not like to, to further my life my child got a psychological trauma, It is not easy to. I believe that with the help of God and your my child ever forgets, He had this terrible diagnosis : Cystic Fibrosis.
I believe that a curable disease in cystic fibrosis! If you somehow help, only, do not include the names and exact place of residence. Our son is sick from birth.
Diagnosis : Cystic Fibrosis with intestinal-pulmonary form, severe course delivered in 1,5 months, based on the results of the screening. Up to 7 months of my son's former serious health condition.
There was also a revival of the long and 5 months in the hospital with a break for a week, then at 2, at most 3 weeks. We had a nagging dry cough, the sharp drop in the level of potassium and sodium, big weight loss, abundant regurgitation with cough, shortness of breath, against the backdrop of the strong increase in antibiotic treatment of ALT/AST in serum, high white blood cell. We asked for help Nadezhda Ustinov when my son was 8 months. Learned about it from the parents of a child with the same diagnosis : Cystic Fibrosis, We lay together in the hospital previously, have seen poor girls see hope Ustinova. During our last meeting in 3 months in the hospital, the girl was stable, had good tests, the difference was very noticeable. This was enough for us to believe in the effectiveness of treatment methods of academician Pyotr Garâeva and the doctor Hopes Ustinova. We are now 10 months, after the last patient treatment at home, we have almost 2 months, stable condition. Academician P.p. Gariaev made us special sound program with information about healthy genetic code without mutation for cystic fibrosis. Within two months of declining health of my son was 1 times , but we have been treated without hospitalization. Our doctors was appointed a course of antibiotics and used the tips Hope Ustinova. My son's condition quickly improved. We, parents, that before, something to use in the treatment of child, collect a lot of information and analyze. 2 months listening to audio programs academician Peter Petrovich Garyaev. At the moment we are stable, My son gains weight, He had a good appetite, baby active, podkashlivaet 4-5 times a day. Do monitoring tests once a month: currently ALT/AST OK, slightly lowered levels of sodium, white blood cells above the norm, But if you look at the dynamics of, they were lower than in the period of deterioration. I believe that hope Ustinova and academician Pyotr Petrovich Gariaev GAVE US HOPE for RECOVERY of my son . They are professionals with a capital letter, which, they're not asking for anything, shared their experiences.

28 June 2013