Review Lida Luzanova

In January 2011, I, Lydia Lusanova, met with Dr. Hope Ustinova, that encouraged me to purchase a sound program of academician Pyotr Petrovich Garâeva, which have information, read with my photos, where I was 22 years old. On January 20, 2011, I began to listen to the program on a regular basis academician Peter Petrovich Garyaev. After 2 months of listening to audio programs with information "of youth", I have an improvement of health, surge of strength, the ease of, working capacity, not wanting to raise the mood of alcohol. 11.0I fell to 3.2011, and a few days felt pain in the knee. After 7 days of listening to the sounds of the pain completely stopped. At the end of March 2011, I made repairs in the kitchen and the hallway of his apartment. I, in my '73, surprised all my friends my health. A brief history of my life. In 1943, I and my family were deported to Siberia, and I returned home only in Elista in 1955. At age 20 I got married and gave birth to four children, of them, only two were alive now. All my life I've worked as a house painter-plasterer. The 22-year-olds is addicted to drink alcoholic beverages. Her husband also liked to drink and therefore died early in 1993. After 50-55let I began to be celebrated drunken periods every 2 months. Up to 21.01.11 binge lasted 1 to 2 weeks, maximum 3 weeks. I was quiet an alcoholic, never was treated for alcoholism. With 21.01.11 at the moment I have no desire to drink alcohol for 15 months. I rejoice in life with my family. My family and I thank ACA Peter Petrovich Garâeva return me-mothers and grandmothers to normal.
Lida Lusanova, 73goda d. Elista, Russia.

29 April 2012