Review Josip Zavada

Good afternoon,
We would like to inform you about the State of health of our daughter Maria, for which we nearly two months ago have turned to you for help to restore her health. The point, Mary had cerebral palsy and autism, and she does not speak. This is all the result of premature birth.
Our doctor recommended that we contact you and make the genetic matrix Garâeva, that can help generate body. We agreed and academician Gariaev made a matrix for Mary She and Mama's photos. And so for about a month, Maria every day listening to her.
We noticed, that Mary has become more opuŝenoj. Significantly umen′šelis′ hysterical gusts. Much better to communicate with us and with his brother. Her behavior has become tolerant and much obedient.
We hope, that will happen just as quickly and progress in speech communication.
With respect to parents Mary
Clear and Josip Zavada, Zagreb, Croatia.

23 November 2013