Reviewed by Irina Ziborova

Dear Petr Petrovich.
Since June 19 Hear the 5th program. Usually listen to a little part of each day, sometimes sleep under the entire program with a quiet sound. Want to talk about the results of the. I've already wrote, that improved sleep, became calmer. For a long time only this effect and there has been. I even upset, stopped to observe the reaction of the body. A couple of days ago I had to pretty much walk, several times in a row to climb to the 4th floor, and in general the stairs run. Very tired, my legs were hurting, especially the feet, but it does not hurt your knees. I learned only the next day, but for several years I am going up the stairs, felt pain in right, the left knee, different intensity, but it almost always was. Glad, even told colleagues about your work and gave the address of the site, However my girlfriends prices, just tell, dejected. Of course I want more changes, I want to program for photos, but, Unfortunately, accumulate on it will soon.
Спасибо, best regards Irene.

01 August 2013