Reviewed by Ina Polozinna

Dear Petr Petrovich! Thank you very much! Results of treatment of the following:periodontal disease has passed,now comes the gum tissue regeneration,age-related changes in the heart, Heart Failure II st.mame 60 years, also 80% of the past, she said she had forgotten where she serdtse.inogda the weather a little reagiruet.u me:have horrible headaches, I stopped drinking the pain in hands, the cycle was 24 days, and was 28 not when there sbivalsya.boli at menst.tozhe almost gone within 24 years, But even if so will hurt the small things compared to what it was before(God forbid,unconscious and not what is not helped cure anything except matrices)brains is a description I feel differently. 10000000 times thanks!!!

Inna Polozinna
07 December 2013