Reviewed by Ina Luzanova

My name is Inna Lusanova. I am a doctor of education. Now I live in Ireland. Would like to write about his feelings after listening to the audio program has become, recorded with my photos, made by academician Petr Petrovich Garâevym. In December 2010, my friend the doctor Nadezhda Ustinov told me about the wave genetics. I have read and reviewed the information about this method on the Internet. I agreed to order a program. 20.01.2011 I got audio files ( quasi-noise and music video file), all approximately 6 minutes. After the first auditions I not noted any changes, but after about 2 weeks I felt after listening to the improvement of my health: in the morning do not detect the gravity in the body, wake up in the mornings easier, before I barely woke up, I felt tired after sleeping. I can note the improvement of the immune system, During this time, do not hurt any colds and viral infections, I used to often suffered from cold sores on the lips and in the circumference of the mouth, After listening to these files, Herpes I already had.
Спасибо. Inna Lusanova, Ireland.

02 April 2011