Review Gennady Shelopugin

Hello, Petr Petrovich! Today is exactly one month from the date of first use, received from you, matrices. For the first time in my life I have a lot of positive changes in the treatment of. From the first sessions completely gone headaches, noise in the head, pressure has decreased and is not much larger rises above 150/90, gone already, cleansed and wheezing lungs are gone — walk without shortness of breath, and don't use balončikom, swelling in the legs decreased by 90% ( for the first time in two years), no pain, colic, muscle fever and many more.
Work, went twice on business trips, go on foot.
The result is fantastic, Although the complete cure far. One month twice interrupted treatment for three days because of complications: for the first time( on the third day of admission) jumped pressure to 180/90, pulse to 110, a strong itchy skin; for the second time ( on the sixth day of admission), with the same indicators, but postponed the already lighter. The light fell through the day ailments, but the treatment is not interrupted. This I a complex patient (was!?). I shall continue treatment until they are cured. I hope so, I Believe.
The same health and his wife, but so far no funds, How to get paid, so just order matrices for the wife and some relatives.
In conclusion I would like to express my gratitude to you and your assistants and staff for the, what you have done and are doing for our science and people! Спасибо!

Gennady Shelopugin
20 December 2013