Review Elen Lee

Petr Petrovich, Hello. I want to share with you my first fashion house in a matrix. Baby, girl, that sent the matrix while you were in America, the challenge of autism and brain hypoxia. Remember? You made the photo and A photo of MOM. When they came to me for a matrix, I have included, to explain to parents how to listen. Otherwise the child is poor concentration and is simply not possible to keep it at rest even 1 minute. These symptoms of autism it from birth. As soon as I turned on the matrix, where is the noise of her white blood cells, the child stood and walked over to the computer and started listening to with great interest. It was simply not possible to believe, What is happened. Actually, this noise is not pleasing to the ear of an ordinary person and so I put položenoj on it the matrix with audio recording. as soon as she heard the music, attention has fallen and this is her interest disappeared, It was a photo of her mother on matrix. Again, I have included the Mairicy noise and again child "zalepilsâ" for the computer. Matrix I referred to parents and explain how to use it. After 2 days, the girl's father called me and he was so delighted with the effect of the Matrix, that just couldn't express your emotions. The girl several times a day just requests that her sound, no longer nervous already from the first day. The child's movements become soft, increased concentration. Such a quick response no one expected! Parents are very grateful and of course I will continue to inform you about the progress in the process of ozdrovleniâ of this girl.
Best regards, Elena.

15 September 2013