Reviewed by Dmitry Drobitko

3.03.2009 I underwent operative treatment for acoustic neuroma (acoustic neurinoma). After the surgery I had a left facial nerve paresis (0 points), complete deafness on the left (removed the auditory nerve). After about 9 months I had traffic in the lower portion of the left half of the face (the lower branch of the facial nerve), 1,5 points, 0,5 in the upper branch points (No prolonged reduction of individual beams of frontalis muscle). No hearing on the left. This my condition continued unchanged for 1 year, until I met doctors Hope Ustinov, that invited me to rebuild my health by academician Pyotr Petrovich Garâeva. In September 2011. I started by Peter Petrovich Garâeva. Information has been read with children of my photos where I was 1 year. A year later, listen my overall condition improved markedly. At the moment I have: facial asymmetry, which is noticeable in conversation, Overload. Movement of the lower branch of the facial nerve to 3,5-4 points (the rate of 5 points), in the upper branch to 2 points. Restored hearing in the left ear. Now I hear you speaking, ear proiznesënnuû.
Спасибо, Drobitko Dmitry, 35 years, y.. Omsk.

28 April 2012