Reviewed by Damian Clear

My name is Damian Clear, I am 31 years old. In 2006 I was diagnosed with: damage to the left knee meniscus and performed plastic surgery. It is not a large operation improvements, I continued to feel the pain. In late 2010, I hurt my other knee. And this time I had damaged menisci on both legs, I hardly used. I should judge and many football run, but I could not walk. This was my tragedy. My doctor-traumatologist refused to help me and said, What do I does not need surgery on his knees, Perhaps, This can be done in the future. I started regularly listening to audio programs, made by academician Peter Garyaev with February 2011. In the laboratory of Professor Peter Garâeva was read info from my photos, where I was a few months. After listening for about a month, my physical shape has improved significantly, after hard training my muscles began to recover very quickly, also feel, I have improved concentration, I do not get tired, as before. I assume, the healing process takes time, to solve my problems with knees, that is why, I'm going to continue to listen to the sounds of regularly.
Damian Clear, '31 Cork, Ireland.

02 April 2011