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My story started with, that I bought in the store bad porridge, expired product. After, as she eats her, I was taken to hospital with severe pain in the stomach area of seizures. Diagnosed with pancreatic necrosis. Twice I was going. After five her stay at the hospital the doctor summoned relatives, said, that I did not save. At the same time, in the hospital I familiar brought a program of Peter Petrovich Garâeva, you called "Diabetes". I immediately started to listen to. I listen to from 10 pm to 10 am for 3 months, without interruptions. After 2.5 months I was discharged, wrote, that condition is satisfactory. The doctor said, by the end of it I should sit on a diet, up to the end of it I – sick man. Also I have found a stone in the gallbladder, 1,8 cm. But after repeated surveys, two weeks later, doctors finally had: healthy. Stones in the gall bladder is not found. The organism after 3 months of daily listening recovered! Thanks to Peter Petrovich and his assistants!

10 April 2016