Review number 862973

Thank you for my return to normal life without pain. With the help of your staff Andrew Mantsev, I make the diagnosis of my nervous system and your audio matrices I went back to its previous state of healthy men . Now I do not take any medicine on the pressure and pain in the heart. I stopped hurting his left hand. Aching pain persists for months. I became a much better sleep, and this is when my shift work and the nerves become stronger. irritability disappeared , which is very pleasing to my family and subordinates at work and that is surprising, He was itching and red spots disappeared on his feet, though dermatologists say, it's psoriasis, and it can not be cured. I will not hide, I am very skeptical about such innovations, but useless and very expensive attempts to somehow get rid of the health problems of our medicine means (It is not free) led me to you. What I do not regret, and even promoted as a can wave genetics. What impressed me most is, that all my illnesses somehow began with nervous system problems. This to me is very lucidly explained Andrew Y.. For the diagnosis, he uses a computer program, which shows how to operate different matrices on the body. I picked up the matrix only the fifth time. It took over an hour for it. As a result, all "treatment" kept within 3 minutes. This treatment can not be called even. After these 3 minutes, I very much wanted to sleep, I like crushed. .As it turned out, so removed prolonged stress, and I came home slept for almost two days. It is very interesting to observe the changes in the body, and they happen very quickly. Thank you again for the help of all the staff and you, Petr Petrovich, for the return of youth to my body . Your work is ingenious in its simplicity.

11 September 2018