Review number 816731

Six months ago, I bought you a universal program no. 2. During the period of listening, observed changes in the health status of the body. Until, It's been crunching knee and elbow joints. In this regard,, would like to continue and personalised photo matrix.
It has been a year like you sent a matrix for my daughter for diabetes. Want to write about treatment outcomes and impact matrices on her body. The first is the, that thanks to the matrix very quickly managed to normalize body temperature. Earlier I believed, the temperature depends on the presence of iodine in the body and fed daughter peremolotoj sea kale. As soon as the iodine intake in the form of stopped cabbage, the temperature has dropped again. After listening to matrices, after about 10 days the temperature was normalized to the level of 36,6 and keeps constantly. And this is very important, Since enzymes work at certain temperatures. I recently read, that body temperature sets the hypothalamus, and that means, that matrix held a correction at this level. Secondly, the impact occurred on the mental? or nervous? status of daughters. Manifested itself is very interesting. Olesya very responsible attitude toward schooling and experienced for each pustjaku, very afraid get a bad mark. Any persuasion, that “evaluation is not the most important thing in life” not acted. After listening to matrices, I noticed, that daughter was not attentive, more quiet, become a do “stupid” errors, which never did. And then I realized, what it does “my” spelling errors, and the great thing is that she no longer worries about this. Now she is also perfectly, but “without nerves and shaking”.

27 December 2016