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My mom was diagnosed doctors – Alzheimer's disease. Ordered the mother program-correction. Here I am writing a report about listening. Listen to the files for 17 days. At first listened to twice a day, morning and evening, and in the second week went on three, In the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Developments went, but not so fast as desired. MOM is now able to go to the toilet, This is already in progress!!! It also got better. The most interesting thing, her ankles were very dense and otëkšie, to them it was painful to touch. Now the left ankle became softer painless, and “drop off” Dark spider seals, right more problematic, but also began to slowly move away, do lotions of this water, that is charging, but improving on it go slower (Perhaps there's a blockage in the blood vessels). Music, I think so, at least half a year to listen to. MOM always falling asleep to music (I have files put on the background of our father) and the dream has now become a long, 10-12 hours.

27 April 2014