Review number 769673

Son a year and a half. Gidrocefal'nyj syndrome, tracheostoma, convulsive seizures. Live at the hospital. Rarely home… After a week of listening to programs on photos of moms and dads have been transferred from the intensive care Department. Attacks ceased. Approve, that helped your technique, I can't, as the son of under psihotropkoj, resuscitation postoralas': depakin, deazepam, Phenobarbital. But!!!! Before and it did not help. Convulsive seizures returned after a while, or from escalating into the faint twitch. And still: in the dream child is move your hands,kicking. Potjagushki. As a normal boy. But only in my dreams. Open your eyes and all. Stupor. Previously, this was not observed.
After three weeks of auditions. What can we say? The paradox of what is:
put music to a child and while themselves are, as a matter of course. The son became a bit to evolve, but the cramp returns! They beat out child of the forces and all development one step back. We, It was, already upset, hand casting, but notice, that is something we are attractive! These problems didn't pay attention, and here we look, dropped at the age of 5 years! Parents, surprised. Gave Grandma listen, so she has, from gipertonika, pressure returned to normal as the child. 100/60. And son almost on the spot!!!! And we thought: If working for us, and the son-no,It is true somewhere deeper! Came to the conclusion, that child is damaged cervical vertebra. Offset Atlanta. After all, your broken arm technique won't put in place. At the outset, it must be right, and there and methodology help. We are going to be checked! God willing to resolve this issue,and then Peter Petrovich Garjaeva technique will make your case,We are sure of that.

05 February 2017