Review number 597573

Son born with extra chromosome. Prior to the listening program, in 3,5 months, He is not very well kept his head, look focused immediately on the, who is coming, been following glance, but almost no smiles, Only if you take it for 2 pens and are in close contact felt, that wants to smile, but something interferes, on the tummy not flips. After the start of the program listening, after 4 weeks he smiles, When you play with him, plays rattles (hard holds, wags 2- handles, Zell am see, If dropped). After 5 weeks after you start listening to the attempts to roll back on stomach, but the head keeps not yet confident. To date, her son almost 9 months. Listen to the program almost constantly, When we are home, do not walk (ie almost a day without 4-5 hours). During this time actively flips through different sides of (right, left) from the back to back and belly 4,5 months, actively plays with toys (saw- not creeped, and perekatyvaniâmi hit, picked up, twists in the handles, talking (lepeche).), rolling around on the couch. We decided not to wait for the purity of the experiment in terms of wave genetics program (know, that works, but in a complex- faster):
during this period was 2 courses restorative massage (weak muscle tone back and neck), now go through the complex therapy in pediatric neurological hospital. Experts say, We are in the best condition, than other children with the same diagnosis. A week later, Sam tries to catch. Today is the first time went to a specialized rehabilitation center for children. There, we confirmed the view of specialists from the hospital, that we fellows: tries to, reflexively responds, the process is being established. In parallel, the added elements of therapy (that's really not know, the stones also treated and etc.. genetic diseases, restore the cell metabolism and others!). Thank you again for the matrix for our son.

24 August 2016