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I went after 7 months of the next inspection. As promised, to announce the results of the. I listen to your program 3,5 months, In addition, do a whole range of other measures of alternative and traditional medicine and use many other herbs and drugs. Compared with November 2014 (past CT) I again have, Let the small, but improving! Decreased amount of free fluid in the abdomen (Although, It was a minor).Vrach said, What is the amount of fluid in a woman my age could not be associated with illness. Dimensions of the tumor in the pancreas earlier (about 2,7 cm,) No there are no metastases. (they were in the liver and the abdominal cavity , but, Since July last year have disappeared). Tumor markers was 3500 when detecting the disease in November 2013, since last summer 59, but since last November, OK – 24 units. And so for the moment (rate to 37). Doctor (I have not seen in Russia, and in Israel) in November appointed me to do chemistry every three weeks, but, I do once in 2-3 months. Just passed and a half years 18 chemistries. With this in mind, set out now the doctor said, that picture she believes, that chemistry I, most likely, do not need, and freed me from them. Said: “I do not know, What do you do, but, keep doing the same thing!”. He appointed only for tests for tumor markers every 2-3 months, and monitor the status of. And only if the CA do CT. So, all of my steps in the complex give a remarkable result given the diagnosis! Thank you very much for the contribution made by me the result!

22 February 2016