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Hello! On new year's Eve, When I went to igloterapevtu, who tried to treat me after serious concussions, and when I started to use audiomatricu from my photo-the most striking changes have occurred: I started to feel quite differently by, the skin stânulsâ and became very elastic, even dandruff disappeared by itself, I woke up at 6 o'clock completely charged energy -woke up and from excess energy just easily podskakival with beds and energy this was until to bedtimes, and all heavy items seemed easier times two is very surprised me. Went to a therapist now to enroll in needles, He recorded, but on arrival iglorefleksoterapevt said, that bureaucrats have put it in rigid-ten free sessions in six months, Pier I don't get in this corridor is annoying ... Although I need to osteopatu-it as such is not generally found. By the way, If doctors do not know what ostegmatizm-they are very nearsighted, because I already know is because, at the level of the cervical vertebrae is normal blood supply to the brain, as well as the eye muscles, due to this, some muscles constantly strained eyes and has the shape of an ellipse, and it's not in diopters, because ophthalmologists me the dioptre can not pick up, as well as almost a whisper with my reasoning agree, Although the medical card entries do not enter ... Continue to use the program. For photos listening to constantly – They help you relax.

Donetsk region.
30 March 2014