Review number 515314

Hello. … For half a year listening to the biggest and most dramatic changes from daughter, which for 40 years. It disabled the first group. Not said. Minimum domestic maintains itself. Outside the apartment is helpless. It guesses, simple understand. The level of development where the 5 years. After listening to daughter became increasingly. Does not appear to have interest in all things. It has become much domestic understand and apply. It from the category of "autistic", moved up in rank obshhaemogo. Previously, if something is wrong as usual or established , She could reach the tantrums. (For Example, her installation to walks to take a handbag. This constant! And persuade her not to take the handbag was impossible! While it is to temper tantrums. Now if this tradition why do, quietly leaves). She became wiser. To listen say what she has become, and itself became interested in the surrounding. She can now long about watching wickets playing children. She helps (before this there was no) active at home. My pleasure. Earlier she did not know what to respond to. It was one big problem. If it is in a zone of invisibility, It does not respond to call her by name, and generally neither as. And so I have a perpetual stress to lose sight of, It does not respond. Now it has started to respond to the name. Of course with all positive she became and the more aggressive. Even not so much aggressive, and emotional.
Pro mamu. I have become a much better general condition, It's not the word. Forces have appeared to do much. Joints behave just strikingly good. While there is a direct relationship. There was a time that I was just on time and place could not listen, and immediately zaklinila loin. Returned, a couple of days and all released.
My husband chords slowly, but recovered. Here recently said that he heard rain outside the window, This he never heard before. And according to him, too, the General State of delights.

25 October 2017