Review number 5-4981395938

Last summer, After hypothermia, While on vacation in another city, got a bladder infection. Diagnosis-cystitis. Exciter-Escherichia coli. After a week of struggle with temperatures still drink rešilcâ antibiotics. But I just did not recognize disease and the deadline missed. A week later, as soon as I was able to climb, just visited your doctor , passed full examination.
Analyses showed a strong inflammatory response and the activity of e. Coli. The body has a number of other infections… After 2 months already standing issue of prostate adenoma. But after 5 months, I could not stand on his feet. The outflow of urine is compensated for the, that was katetor, that has led to constant strong pain. Matrix started using only 6 months of illness, and after a few days the pain is gone! After 2 months I completely normalized their genitourinary system! Winter and spring passed without a single hint. Summer vacationing in the mountains, spent the night in tents. Now autumn is an organism in norm! So again saw — our body has all the resources, to cope with any illness. You just have to help him! Thanks to academician Garâevu and the staff of the Institute for the great help! You saved my life.

Zagreb, Croatia
14 October 2014