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I do not know, and thankyou for the matrix. I am 40 years old, and her husband 45. We have many years of no children. Very desperate. Our doctor advised us to buy Matrix. I want to say, at the beginning of any changes not happening. He listened to his, and I its Matrix. Then the changes began to take place every day: no longer bother morning dizziness, My husband, that he had been treated for chronic gastritis, stopped to visit a doctor! My menstrual cycle started to occur without pain, I even lost weight without dieting is 8 kg. After 2 months, the doctor advised me to listen to the Matrix, even during sleep. My husband and I have just taken aback, but the Council did. A month later I got pregnant. Our son is already 6 months and again I'm going to the hospital. That's so! Special thanks to Russian specialists, that helped me become happy MOM!

Zagreb, Croatia
05 November 2014