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Hello, Dear Petr Petrovich! I wish to recall its history…, or rather our mom, because. matrix we ordered just for her, She was in critical condition, lying in the hospital with a diagnosis of cirrhosis, viral hepatitis b, With. Matrix I started her broadcast by phone directly to a hospital, at this point the main crisis was filmed, but she experienced the incredible weakness, block, dehydration etc.. So was discharged home. The House continued to listen matrix on photos all night, 3 weeks already began to appear on the street, 2 months felt quite cheerfully, but now it is generally well done, actively moves all in cases, can, etc.. Unfortunately, liver Ultrasound control it has not made, I always remind, but it postpones… Now tell your story: because we were doing a matrix for mom to my children's photo, I decided to also engage in recovery, (looking at the results) I began to listen to only the matrix for photo on all night, almost daily during the 4 months – and that's what has been happening to me: first, What I have noticed – become less gray hair (especially at the temples), gone gradually the pain in the joint of the big toe of the right foot, that is very disturbed, decreased bloating mammary glands before monthly, more noticeable changes was not outwardly, but a week ago I had pain in my right ovary (already very long forgotten, tk climax to 43 years, (now I'm 51 – Since then, the substitution of the endocrine therapy HRT) I decided to go the gynecologist and had a pelvic ultrasound, It turns out right ovary woke up and tried to “give birth” falikul, but he busted so I felt pain, but I heard it from a conversation doctors,… and at the end they wrote “Cyst right ovary with the manifestations of stroke” doubted … but wrote as logic, they can understand….They do not know, that I listened matrix ))). I think, will need a few months to repeat the ultrasound and clarify the situation. Currently abandoned HRT and decided to continue to listen to the matrix.

23 October 2015