Review number 4355

I am 71 years old. He addressed to Professor Garyaev, because I have a genetic disease, Spinal muscular dystrophy. I was diagnosed in 1961. When I have walked, then fell. In 2001, constantly experiencing a very strong weakness, He moved on to the wheelchair. Needed constant ventilation of lungs. Matrix for himself booked at the beginning of 2016. I listen for up to date. I listen to wav format nearly every day, making small breaks. All files in the first six months of listening to 3 times a day. Now I turn on at night. After the first few days of listening I felt quite significant pain, but temporary, in several areas. It is my left knee, headache in the upper left frontal lobe, and for the left eye. The strongest feeling was strong cold feet, from the hip to the knee very cold. This feeling was unusual for me, because, when I'm in a wheelchair, me several layers of blankets. Pain sensations when listening in some areas are still having, but not so strong, as before. From the first day I started listening to a lot of sneezing, appeared runny nose. Blood pressure is always I was about 140/75. Now he is constantly around 110/60. In addition, my heart rate, which was about 75-80, Now 45 to 50. This is a very unusual changes.

After 6 months I found listening, that is capable of movement, I could not do for years. I was able to raise my right hand up to the side at an angle of 50 °. Until then, I could only twitch hand, without raising her. It's been about 10 years since, I could do it before. With, increase muscle mass was very small. Analogy, I can do, This is something, that there were "wires", which receives commands from my brain to my muscles.
I stopped to get tired quickly, He appeared on my face "brightness", the mood was almost always happy. Already there is a constant feeling of hunger, who visit me often enough.
After more than, than two years of my pain was completely gone. If I listen to the files received daily 700 mg oxycodone to overcome the pain in the spine, but now I stopped taking it, no pain. Completely gone fatigue. Before, if I went to the doctor, short visits, it had a few days to recover, to recuperate, much sleep. Therefore, I am taking modafinil, it was necessary to cope with fatigue. Now I have peace in my chair I can leave the house, for several hours missing, without feeling tired. I stopped taking modafinil. Since 2003, I have used an artificial lung ventilation, both day, and night. The machine is now I do not need (only occasionally I use it at night). The doctor has canceled all its me. Progress, I reached, It gives me hope for further improvement of my condition.

United States, Benson
26 May 2018