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Hello, write about the State of my elder sister, '74, with ovarian cancer. The disease suddenly coming right up. Sick lungs, was admitted to the hospital and there turned out, the cause of illness in ovarian tumors, and as a consequence, There is water in the lungs, in the abdomen, too, pile up water and then everything bad. This can be seen in the opinion of doctors. As treatment is chemotherapy. Operation do too late.
Ordered from you the program matrix photography. After a two-week listening condition stabilized sisters. The pressure is kept at 100/80, State of health has improved and continues to improve. Passed the yellowness of the skin, ascites also passes, flowing from a hole in the abdomen are little, the hole start to overgrow, feels fresher. One leg is otëčnoj. but she is trying to do the exercises, so, muscles worked, makes small walks. In General, hope!!
Summary of doctors: The patient significant positive effect. Passed ascites, the tumor was localized and they were able to palpate ( before couldn't because, that was in the stomach of a mash-up of the vospalënnyh of tissues and organs.) and they are ready and willing to make the second session.( Collected Concilium, to deny, and made sure, that result is!!). They say, that's great that she got into the small percentage, When a patient with ovarian cancer quartic and fourth group, Chemistry so helped!! ( They certainly do not believe in any program, who listens to the patient!! And the patient trusts and listens to every day for 5 times your program). Feeling her better, deals with gymnastic exercises, to strengthen your muscles and heart. It has weak.

Tyumen region.
07 May 2014