Review number 2694516

My name is Julia. I am 37 years old. Want to write thanks to Peter Petrovich, for his unique programs. In July of last year I got pregnant with second child (The first boy 14 years). With the horror of thinking as I transfer pregnancy because of their age and not a very good experience from a previous pregnancy. Asked the p.p.. Garâevu asking for help. Peter Petrovich recommended I do a matrix with my children's photography. I listened to the program for the whole pregnancy. The doctors were extremely surprised and my analyses, and well-being, and energy! The child grew up ahead in the development of! No abnormalities, Neither toxicity, No edema, no pressure I had no! I worked till the last and not feel fatigue! And here is the result: April 17, 2014 I myself gave birth to a wonderful baby girl weighing 4kg300g and growth 55cm. Apgar score of 9 points! By the way, After giving birth, I continue to listen to the matrix along with my girl! My recovery was quick enough, and the child grows and develops at a surprise doctors faster peers! So that all, who want to easily carry and give birth to a healthy child, based on its experience, I advise you to listen to these programs!
With respect and great appreciation.

30 June 2014