Review number 2692731

Listen to the matrix already for a month. Don't even believe, What is possible – Arthritis as if was not: feet don't hurt, the swelling was on his knees, the stairs go easy now. Pain in shoulder joints too gone! But psoriatic arthritis medicine does not cure – view systemic disease! Psoriasis disappeared after a week of listening, left white marks on the place plaques, a week later and has not been. After surgery to Gynecology was suspected to have cervical cancer (removed a polyp), began a strong inflammation, Despite the propityj course of antibiotics after surgery. But I continued to listen to the matrix. Now there is no pain, no such feeling of inflammatory processes., that all problems on Gynecology behind.
Herpes on the lips went through 2, so plainly not having begun. It Seems, the herpes virus is quickly killed when listening to matrices.
One minus-pressure last 4 days at 98 -146. Although I hypotensive and above 110 60 did not happen. But, as I understood, It is from that, that matrix listen almost constantly and even turn on the night. Interruptions of 2-3 days do not. Now let's make adjustments in listening. Not the whole day today listened to a matrix – pressure drops to normal. It is such a blessing, When nothing hurts!

02 March 2015