Review number 26436731

Good afternoon, Petr Petrovich! Want to share their feelings while listening programs. In the past year (July, 2015) was diagnosed with- lump in the rectum (documents attached).
In addition to traditional treatment (radiation and chemistry therapy) I listen to your program, up to 3 times a day. After listening to relaxation and deep comes, peaceful sleep. After 2 months of listening became to notice the aching pain in the spine, in the thoracic region, in the afternoon. With than, This is due? May be a consequence of radiation therapy (68 Gray), and maybe drop. When I was less than a year, me fail drop and subsequently treated at naming. Photo, on which was made of this period. But, Despite the pain continue listening. Maybe advise, What to do about it? But listening to sounds gives positive dynamics of recovery. The results of a recent survey evidenced (documents attached). The doctor notes-improve appearance, healthy complexion, weight set (8kg), and generally noted "on the bogotvorennyh effects of higher forces.

Voronezhskaya oblast.
14 June 2016