Review number 2611912

Dear Petr Petrovich . The same as week lying down to sleep include DNA "and the song" falling asleep listening to ! I sent you a link with Youtube . Listen to through the day ... .... the result of the person . I told you that you and all your colleagues, the wizards of the Human Body ! Now the results of listening this song DNA . Pyotr the next day my heart is no longer getting sick at all ... ( I told you that during meditation I got a shock trauma , after which I already not one year constantly pricks heart ) so here's a heart has stopped aching or pokalyvat′ , I have seen every day the past 1-2 years ! Second, I have often a skin irritation ( allergies ) the synthetic stuff , clothes ( underwear ) . Rashes and irritations are gone ! On the body of irritation have acne which I eventually torn from the zudeniâ , the proposed small wounds ( I have by the way wounds heal and badly ) so I was surprised to find that the wounds began to heal the very next day , many wound for three days have passed, ( healed ) I felt a sudden influx of forces , and most importantly I could hardly get up in the course of his life to the 8 o'clock in the morning and do not care to study or to work ..... and now I can not sleep for 2 - 4 hours in the morning and when I fall asleep so late .... I wake up at 9 - 10 am be . This despite the fact that I always liked to sleep on the 12 Th - 14 for five hours ( I just couldn't sleep , constant feeling of fatigue and malaise were ) But physical work I always energizes and a sense of accomplishment and Hee after such work I was falling "dead" .... And now after working hard physically .... I do not feel so tired .... 10 Five minutes - 1 hour of sleep, and I do not want to sleep, I rested and I want to do than ever ! I was already very funny ) …. Just Ditty "DNA" and I'm quite different. .... I understand and don't understand everything that happens to me is I was interested ! Pyotr Petrovich Thank you and your colleagues for your work and truly fascinating discoveries in biology and Microbiology . Keep it up . And a question for you . You don't have to listen to what other recommendations "For DNA to map the changes in my body and the catch rate of change in my body ? If you have to re Flash it me as a biological object ( Remove defects and violations of my DNA ) These "songs" I'll be happy to pass this course of HEALING ! If there is a specific data rate individual Songs "DNA" for everyone who wish to inform , where and how can I purchase a recording of his Song "DNA" for the development of qualities ? Recommend me please . Good luck and good health of your family and you !

01 February 2014