Review number 1293673

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to open a relaxation room for office plankton, rented premises, bought chairs, equipment and good speakers to work with your programs, that you sent me. Knowing me, clients began to appear and I started to work with them. But, We are Russian people and want to get a therapeutic result directly from one session. This has not happened, people got bored. I had to close the Cabinet, i.e.. I'm not long in terms of business.
I, as the doctor understood, that result to occur need time, Yes and you in his video lectures about this said. So I drank a bottle of champagne with sorrow and himself home alone regularly listen to your programs.
I am 72 years old. The result of 6 months of work by 1 hour per day 2 times per week:
1. Improved overall health and mood.
2. I stopped tired and began to sleep for 6-7 hours.
3.Perestal feel your liver, She began to work normally.
4. Eat less and become enough for active lifestyles.
5. Gone bald on the nape (rose hair-without creams)
6. Improved vision.
7. Became responsive (feel) at weak thermal flow from heaters at a distance, which had not been.
8. This summer house repaired at the cottage and had to carry 6-metre beams alone, in 50 years, When I built it. T. e.. I didn't physically weaker.
Of course, This year I have carefully studied all the, that you talk on the Internet about your work and study, because I believe, that you are on the right track and ahead of time, as Nikolai Tesla. With respect and gratitude.

24 October 2017