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Hello, the cause of the disease, doctors have not been able to determine. Suspected disease occurred on nervous soil. Beginning from the end of the month of August began to leave black spots on legs. Appealed to doctors, They shrugged, prescribed what strange ointment, the result was not. Then began to interact with festering wounds in the field of black spots. Further disease came to such an extent, swollen legs, walking was impossible, nights awake, moved to the numbed by special anaesthetic eye. Since no funds helped, Fester grew with each passing day, doctors said, that, MOL, leg amputation can do? Since then, it has ceased to go.
After, We brought information fluid, became do compresses. Lotion of liquid I was doing 1 time per day. On the fourth day I began to move away from the skin to fall and black. I was so glad, Since it could now step on foot. After three weeks of daily applications passed the itching and inflammation. A month later the smog not lame. Repeated course is repeated after 3 weeks. Leg now in excellent condition, There were only small scars.

03 April 2017