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Hello, Petr Petrovich. In 2009 I was diagnosed with hepatitis C, Moreover,, as the doctor, have fibroskanirovanie, “It is already 10 years”. But I never felt any symptoms. But a year later started something in the pelvis, and soon I am in pain could neither walk, nor sit, lie on your back could only. Has passed many doctors – urologists, Neurologists, Gynecologists – all in vain. Diagnosis could not three years, yet put him itself by symptom.
He confirmed afterwards on cystoscopy: “Interstitial Cystitis”. The heavy and, According to official medicine, and not just our, incurable. The only treated: and homeopathy, and herbal medicine. So much of any medications the saw, that just landed a liver. For the past two years the terrible pain, insomnia and more, that svojstvnno this type of cystitis, a complete wreck and an old woman. When I clicked on your site and read about your matrix, I got it, that you can help me.
A month ago, the listen to sent you the correction, and on the first night felt: the process is, So how much ill bubble. Decided to wait it out, How do you advise, and listening to abandoned. Three days later the pain subsided. Again began to listen.
Over the past 10 days, I listen to 2-3 times at night, morning and afternoon.
Much improved sleep. If you listen to the day-mood. There were forces, do not have to go through each hour, to relax. Liver hurts less, and all the feelings stopped her inflammation, which lasted for the past 5 months. And this is when the, what medicines I start listening to not drink. Every day began to feel better and better. Stopped drinking but-Spa, which I saw 2 tablets of pain in the pelvis, 2-3 times a day. Improved condition of the bladder: if before each urine sample was 30-40 ml, now - 70-100 ml. Slightly improved vision. All the familiar, with whom I'm talking on the phone, Note, that voice has become much brighter, equal speak, that look better.
With gratitude.

18 May 2014