Review No. 869516

Have contacted you with problems: Autism, gluten and casein intolerance, dermatitis, skin fungus, deposition of heavy metals in the body, damage to the intestinal mucosa, impaired concentration.
14 days after starting to use the matrix, my daughter began to understand much better communication and any oral expression, she became more present and more focused. After that, the progression was suspended for about 4 months. Then there were further improvements- in digestion, the sensitivity to glutin and casein has disappeared. We still listen to the program, everyday, all night long. We also used a bioresonance method to remove heavy metals and sensitivity to glutin and casein., Perhaps, this method helped too, we cannot determine exactly, but the results are good.
Autism is still not eliminated, what was the main reason for buying a matrix, although improvements are visible. What the matrix helped, It is obvious, but due to the complexity of a disease such as autism, we need to constantly work to improve the condition of the child. She has improved mental development, she understands more and has become more independent. Dermatitis is gone.

13 January 2021