Review No. 51628731

Thank you so much for your health, which you gave me. Highly, very grateful to you. But I'll start from the very beginning how I got the program. And I received it on July 1, 2020., at about 12 o'clock. And in the morning until 12 o'clock I felt very bad. Broke everything I complained about. Then it passed and at 12 o'clock I received it. The first 2-3 days I also reacted to the program. Then I somehow didn't notice much. Although there were exacerbations, but I think it was a reaction to changes in the atmosphere.
How am I treated. Mostly at night. I turn on the program, when I lie down and turn off, when I get up. It turns out that I listen to it 5 and 6 times during the night.. The program is calculated where- then for an hour and a half. The device lies nearby.
I feel so good! Returned interest in life. I want to do something. This impression, that the body rejoices, rejoices. I often feel sweet languor. And it's just happiness. Thank you so much for this.. I go to the store without any problems, and then another. But I'm trying not to be too dashing yet, because overloading the body can break. There is pain in the body. I especially feel it. when I get out of bed and when I load myself too much. With the onset of cold weather, I was shackled, and now I would not feel well, and by spring it's even worse. I'm not so afraid of the cold anymore, I turn on the heating not so much and sleep under one blanket. And before she could sleep under three and it was cold.
After the first month, the cervical spine is very painful. He didn't bother me before, although I think there were problems. But after a while it passed. Reacted very abdominal. The first time she was very sick, then a couple more times not so much. And in general I can feel it, as if defrosting and she is somehow alive. Although it is strangely said.
Noise in my head. He practically does not exist. Only when there is a strong aggravation, apparently on magnetic storms, i feel the noise. During the treatment of the previous program, I did not feel the left mammary gland. Then I felt it, when there was a break after treatment and during about a month of treatment with this program. Now in this regard, I feel very good. Thank you very much. The left thigh is very well treated. There was constant pain in the back of the thigh. Now this pain is gone. Legs don't swell like that, how did you swell before. But there is swelling down to the foot.
Good sleep. If I used to roll over from side to side many times during the night, sometimes it seems to me, that as I lay down on this side I got up from it.
Vision remains at the same level. I read without glasses, but watching TV somehow lacks sharpness. And I see well in the distance. It turns out. How would (but it happened during the previous program), that the sharpness has shifted. I was reading then with glasses 2,5, and watching TV was comfortable. I understand, that I'm not a young man, but I am writing this only because. what is possible you need.
Antiparasitic program works very well. But I wonder how she copes with viruses? With the present for example?? One thing I want to say, that herpes has recently discovered itself. Although not much.

For itching. It Turns Out (looked on the internet), what is it called
itchy genitals. Although there was never a discharge. No dry mouth. But in other places he was. For Example, under the mammary glands. I feel comfortable enough now. And for this, thank you very much!! I won't get tired of repeating and repeating it!!

Saratov region
07 December 2020