Review number 516169

Hello. My name is Daniyar. In my thirty-four years I have acquired a number of ailments, namely, problems with the digestive tract and well-known hemorrhoid. From congenital diseases, God had mercy.
So here, I suffered with these ailments, until my brother advised me one remedy. I started with hemorrhoids every night for five days, I applied the ointment with a cotton swab to the anus area and went to bed like that. There was no improvement in the first three days. Based on my observations, the remedy in the first days of application like concentrates, accumulates in the hearth of the disease. So on the fourth day there were improvements, the pus disappeared, and the swelling of the so-called "tits" subsided. As a result, hemorrhoids have been gone for half a year now.
The second area of ​​application of the ointment was my gastrointestinal tract. There were no direct instructions to use it orally.. The reason - unbearable bouts of heartburn. And at my own peril and risk, I somehow ate a teaspoon of ointment for another heartburn. The result stunned me for the first 10-15 minutes, there was a kind of quenching of hydrochloric acid in my stomach, and then burp. And this time I ate a course of treatment for five days, one teaspoon at night. The taste is certainly not a gift, but it's worth it. Currently, I have forgotten about heartburn, indigestion (I could not digest any fat, nor fried, and now I eat everything indiscriminately as before) etc, I would also like to note the excellent property of the ointment to cleanse the digestive tract. From my experience , to cleanse, the ointment, should be applied after the first day of abstinence from food. This time I eat one tablespoon and drink water.. The result is just a super - feeling of wings behind your back and a light walk is guaranteed to you. For more information, please call: +7 (776) 472-66-00. Thank you very much to producers.

10 October 2019