Review No. 359112

Diagnosis: epilepsy, methylmalonic aciduria, microcephaly. In December 2019, the daughter began to listen to the Matrix, and we immediately noticed a change in the child’s voice, her voice has become much more beautiful, more melodic, than before. In the following months, her daughter became more conscious., more understanding, than before, not so indifferent. She can already follow simple instructions., we think, that she began to understand everything, what are we telling her, started talking, but so far only a few words spontaneously. Repeats intonation of words well. Her brother is with her, whose photo we made the matrix, listens to the matrix because they play together in the same room. His matrix gave amazing results! He's 5, he constantly reads and writes, plays chess, developed extraordinary empathy. Very cleverly started to reason.

10 July 2020