Review No. 23v91b9v631a

For 10 months now I have been listening to an individual matrix by photo, in WAVE format. Vision improved, was +4, now +2. Intercostal neuralgia on almost all the ribs was, remained under the scapula on the right, inflammation of the sciatic nerve has passed. On the face, the trigeminal nerve on both sides calmed down.. In the month of August, diabetic nephropathy disappeared, kidneys work normally. On the hands nails began to grow strong, Smooth, do not break or delaminate, on the legs also began to grow better nails, signs of diabetic neuropathy disappear, it's a voltage, puffiness, itching of the skin, the feeling of swelling of the fingers and toes disappeared. There was a problem on the soles of the feet ,it cracks sometimes appear, I apply a wrap with ointment at night, cramps in the legs disappeared. In the month of October, I bought a breast harvest of Altai herbs., since chronic bronchitis after the 2015 flu with constant shortness of breath did not change for the better. I continued to listen to the programs and noticed on which programs the excursion of the lungs begins., and specifically on these pulmonary matrices added Mishin coils to the chest center area, mucopurulent plugs began to depart from the lungs very easily by themselves.. In early November, a temperature of +37 appeared., stopped responding to smells, the taste was not felt, coronavirus has given a complication to the nervous system. Continued to listen to programs, propyl according to the scheme methylene blue water solution 1%, improvement immediately felt. Now my lungs are breathing, I can fully inhale and exhale. Thank you, Ekaterina Alexandrovna and your entire team for your efforts, and work.

20 February 2022